Thursday, March 11, 2010


Okay, so IKEA is not exactly in Western Howard County, but it just happens to be where the Pea and I went today and we had a blast!  And, it's only about forty-five minutes away, which isn't far considering everything is about twenty minutes from my house!  Plus, the Ruler HATES IKEA with a passion, so we picked the absolute best day to visit!

We went through each of the display showrooms, checking out all the sofas and chairs.  Then we hit up the children's section for more storage bins and art supplies!  We strolled through the Marketplace and picked up several bags of clips.  We ate lunch in the restaurant.  There are some seriously good choices for kids and I had to try the Swedish meatballs.  $10.38 for both of our lunches--so cheap!  I even picked up some yummy cinnamon rolls for our breakfast tomorrow.  On the way out, we checked out Smaland, the play area for kids.  The Pea wanted to go in, but since the Princess wasn't with us, I knew that would not work out.

So, IKEA, definitely, two thumbs up.  Or, four, if you count the Pea's thumbs, too!

10100 Baltimore Ave.

College Park, MD 20740


  1. Oh, boo-hoo!! I wish I would have known you were going to be there. We LOVE, love, love Ikea.

    Honestly, shoot me an email ANY day, and I'll tag along on your adventures.

    We could meet at Glenwood. . . pick blueberries on 108. . . anything!