Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Centennial Lake

My friend, ChrissieMarie, tells me I should write about Centennial Lake.  It's an obvious place to go, she says!  Obviously, judging by the number of cars, people, and dogs that were there over the weekend!  On Saturday, the kids and I met a friend for a leisurely walk around the lake. 

I always park near the maintenance shed.  Then I head to the left, towards the pavillion, amphitheatre, bathrooms and concessions.  And, the big playground.  This way, everyone gets a little walk and the kids get to play and everyone is happy!

The walk around the entire lake is very long, but totally worth it!  (Umm...we didn't do it this time, however!)  There is a cool arboreteum on the farside of the lake that the kids love, love, love!  They run from sign to sign, shouting, "There's one!  There's another one!"  We always comment about how naughty those people were to write all over that one tree! 

The Living Colonnade is in full bloom right now!  Why go to DC to see blossoms when we've got our own right here?  There's also a cool boyscout path you can take through the woods near the boat ramp.  And, did you know that there's an upper loop of trail just past the arboreteum, near the information bulletin?  I didn't?  There are also basketball courts and two playgrounds--the red one is perpetually crowded, but the old brown one, notsomuch!  So, get out there!


  1. Uhhhh I totally did not know about the arboretum! I'm going to have to really explore that park one weekend.